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Plant Based Cooking – Patties and Burgers

Plant Based Cooking -
Patties and Burgers

Learn the basic principles of creating and cooking vegan patties and burgers. Explore ingredients that can be used to bind the mixtures while using various flavor profiles.

We will make 4 different patty recipes. The class ends with a tasting our creations – you will go home well fed!

Recipes included. No prior experience necessary.

Date: Saturday, June 17  – 10 AM to 1 PM

Location: Sharing Kitchen, 2245 E. Washington, Ste B, Phoenix AZ 85034

Cost: $45.00 - Number of participants is limited to 10.

To secure your registration please pre-pay the class through using our PayPal payment option.

Contact us with any questions. Click here to download the flyer.

Price: $50.00

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4 Responses to Cooking Classes

  1. Janet says:

    This looks pretty good. I’d love to take the vegan burger class. I follow the Bright Line Eating plan which prohibits flour (of any kind) and sugar. Do any of these 4 burgers in the class fall into a flour free category?

    • Ingrid says:

      Hi Janet, thank you for your question. W3 do not use white or whole wheat flour in our burgers. However, a couple of the receipts use oats, oat flour or bread crumbs. One if the four recipes is completely grainfree, another one only uses millet. We hope that participants learn techniques they can apply to various recipes to adjust these recipes to their own dietary needs. Does this sufficiently answer your question?

  2. Ingrid Stromberg says:

    I am interested in taking some Vegan cooking classes. Do you offer any of these classes?

    • Daniel says:

      Hi Ingrid, we have cooking classes quite regularly. Please subscribe to our menu announcements and you’ll also receive the announcements for our cooking classes. Thanks for you interest 🙂

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