Our pricing policy

Fairness, quality and sustainability

are the values that have always guided our decisions. We calculated our new pricing model with that in mind and here is the thought process:

Fairness:  Goes both ways – towards our staff and our customers. Our minimum wage is $10.00 per hour, and of course more for qualified team members (minimum wage in AZ effective 1/1/2015 is $8.05 per hour, living wage per MIT website is $9.20 for Phoenix). We set our food prices according to true cost within a set pricing model (meaning that we have three price levels that accurately reflect the food cost percentage that we’ve found viable for our business model) rather than setting a price structure that enables us to charge as much as we possibly can. And we consciously choose to never try to “upsell you” or entice you to buy food that you won’t eat.

Sustainability: Applies to certain policies that are more labor intense and therefore more costly  (for example, using jars for packaging or shopping from local farmers) and also applies to the sustainability of the business itself. We’d like to be around for a while and need to ensure the viability of our business by setting realistic prices. (Those of you who have been customers for several years know that this is our first price increase in over 2 years despite a sharp increase of food cost especially for quality items such as quinoa, nuts and many vegetables.)

Quality: We will continue to buy all certified organic grains and legumes. We will purchase certified organic vegetables, oils and vinegars whenever possible. All of our dried fruit, chocolate products, seeds and nuts are organic (with the exception of walnuts, pecans and almonds).  Almost all of our spices are certified organic. Occasionally, specialty items such as sundried tomatoes, olives, capers or flavored vinegars are not organic. Any ingredients that are not organic are marked accordingly in the product description.

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