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NEW SCHEDULE: Every week a new menu is posted at the latest by Tuesday at 7 PM and closed by Saturday 9 AM. Feel free to place an order whenever the menu is up. We will fill it!

We have over 300 recipes and always add more. Some of our most popular items will be on the menu more frequently.

The menu will change with the seasons depending on what’s available on the market. During the winter month we offer 2 soups and 2 salads, during summer we offer 1 soup and 3 salads. You can order as little or as much as you want and you don’t have to order every week.

We no longer can accept cash or checks.

Delivery customers:

Please check our delivery areas before ordering by clicking here. Your food will be delivered between 1 and 5 PM on Mondays.
Please be patient with our drivers, they will try to get to you at the same time every week, but we cannot guarantee that. If you are not there make sure that you place a cooler with cooling elements by the front door (for the hot months). We cannot guarantee the freshness of our food if the bag stands in the heat for too long but we always will put a cooling element with your food).

Pick up at Kitchen Sharing:

Please pick up your food Mondays between 3 and 7 PM at kitchen sharing.
245 E. Washington St, Phoenix 85032 <- click for Google map. Make sure you take the inside lane (left of the light rail) when you come from either Washington or Jefferson so you can take the turn into 23rd street that just runs between those streets. For more click here.
Pull into the parking lot in the back of the building (most of the time there is some space) and ring the bell at the white door to pick up your order. Somebody will be there to help you 🙂

Pickup at our northern pickup location: CBD Emporium

5555 E Bell Rd, Suite 10, Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Mondays between 3 PM – 6 PM
Tuesdays between 10 AM – 6 PM
The store closes promptly, so please make sure to come on time. Let the customer service person know that you are picking up your food from Community Cuisine and we recommend that you check out their selection of CBD foods for your health, mood, and overall wellness.

Deposit for Jars and Bags:

You receive your order in a sturdy, insulated carrying bag. Most items will be packaged in reusable mason jars while some items may come in a paper bag or another wrapped container (click on the picture for a larger view).

$20 deposit for the reusable jars and insulating carrying bag – if you decide to discontinue ordering with us please return all remaining jars and bag(s) within 60 days of your last order to us and we’ll promptly refund your $20.

Serving Sizes:

generally 1 cup, soups are 12 oz – people tell us that 2 items usually make a meal.

Complete Meal Jars come in small (16 oz jar) and large (32 oz jar). The smaller one is often enough for a light meal. The large one could serve two people, or one person for a large meal.

Large salads ( in 32oz jar) are a full meal. They usually have grains and/or legumes added to fresh salad ingredients to make the salad filling.

Storing & Reheating:

keep in the fridge for up to 6 days, many dishes taste good at room temperature. Most dishes can be heated up in a pan, add a little water if necessary, cover with a lid, and heat slowly on low heat. Heating in the toaster oven also works well for many dishes. Ask us if you need more detailed instructions.


Items marked *ff* are freezer friendly. Usually, they are items that are saucy or have liquid-like soups, stew, and curries. They can be frozen in the jar. As the liquid expands when frozen, the air will be pushed out. Please make sure the top is on loosely for the air to be able to come out. We do not recommend putting a jar with frozen content in the microwave.

If in a hurry, frozen jars can be emptied by thawing the outer layer and the content can be heated when still partially frozen.

Freeze items as soon as possible. Eat frozen items within 24 hours after thawing,

Items that have no liquid like our burgers or grain dishes are harder to freeze, If you do, put item(s) in a freezer bag and remove all air. Close tightly.

Always date frozen items. Eat within 3 months.

What Is Your Community Cook – Better Earth Cuisine?

A meal service offering homemade food that is:

  • Completely plant-based
  • Food from known sources (local farmers, no exploited workers)
  • Grown by local farmers who do not use chemicals
  • Based on fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients
  • Delicious, good for you, and good for the planet

Who Is Ingrid – founder of Community Cuisine? Ingird's passion for fresh produce

Ingrid grew up in her parents’ restaurant in Vienna, Austria, where her mother, a professional chef, taught her to cook. Ingrid learned to love food and cooking for people. Equally passionate about social justice and sustainability, she created Community Cuisine and the Better Earth Menu. The growing, selling, preparing, and consuming of food is one of the most basic and inclusive energy exchanges between all life forms on this planet. Community Cuisine created the Better Earth Menu to meet this need with integrity, balance, and honoring of life.

Ingrid is fortunate to have her uxorious husband Daniel on her side.

Our current team:
Ingrid Hirtz – Founder, Chef
Mario Etsitty – Head Chef
Wattanee Audrain – Guest Chef
Aaron Klein – Kitchen Manager, Kitchen Support
Cody Ross – Assistant Kitchen Manager
Lynne Ericksson – Packaging, Deliveries
Lynne Hall – Packaging, Deliveries
Ana Salido – Packaging
Kathy Brookman – Deliveries
Daniel Hirtz – Co-Founder, Webmaster, Logistics, Customer Service

Why Better Earth Cuisine?

It tastes better and it’s better for you, the community, and the planet.

Your Community Cooks provide the Better Earth menu in the spirit of respect, sharing, and gratitude for all life.

Better Earth Recipes help you live a healthier lifestyle.Most recipes are low fat, wheat-free, and highly nutritious. They are designed to offer balance to the foods that are usually readily available.You decide how much you would like to shift your eating habits and we’ll help you enjoy the change with healthy, homemade, delicious, convenient meals.If you’re already eating well, treat yourself to the convenience of great food prepared for you. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint and support local farmers and businesses, you can have that peace of mind eating food from Better Earth Community Cuisine.

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  1. lynneericksson

    I’ve had the good fortune to enjoy Ingrid’s food for many years now! I am never disappointed and look forward to my weekly options very much. This week she’s offering her Maple Walnut Baklava again (couldn’t be too often for me!!!) and I’m actually excited to get them. If you’re a baklava fan, you’ll be astonished at how good they are…personally I prefer Ingrid’s to any others I’ve gotten elsewhere, they’re that good! And that’s just one item…I could go on and on!

  2. Jaclyn Holden

    I love the concept of community cuisine, and I love this food! Such a variety, and I always know that it’s made with real quality ingredients. Thanks to Ingrid and her family and crew for creating such a great opportunity.

  3. susanne drury

    I love this food. This is bringing me a lot of joy. Your falafel last week was absolutely fabulous. I want to learn to make these. It just makes me happy.

  4. Caren Jablonsky

    Hi Ingrid, thank you so much for facilitating healthy, affordable meals and enjoyable socialization within our community! See you tomorrow~ Caren


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