Best wishes to you for this New Year!  

Many of us are pondering what lies ahead. For us at Community Cuisine, we know where we want to go. Still, there remain many things to figure out to actually arrive there. There is a lot to do for us in 2022 and we count on your continued support!

We have decided many years ago that we want to accept the challenge of persisting in the very competitive food business while holding true to our standards and values because we see an incredibly rewarding end goal: making a living while nurturing people in harmony with nature without harming anyone. 

Or, less romantically speaking, for years we have been building a vision of a business model where we offer high-quality food at affordable prices while everyone who works at Community Cuisine becomes a co-owner in a cooperative business model, makes a fair income, and has a voice in shaping the future. We think these values are equally important to you, our customers and therefore we’d like to offer you more insight into this model, the workers’ owned co-operative: click here to for a short slide show.

You also will see an increase in prices this year. We trust you know that we strive to be fair in our pricing. Here is a website for a reference regarding what a living wage is in Maricopa County BTW, your tips greatly helped towards the goal of a fair income. Thank you so very much!

We would like to encourage you to take advantage of our Nourish Package should our price increases be challenging to you. Please know, finding ways to feed everyone the best food possible is an intrinsic part of what love doing!

We originally created the Nourish Package to meet a need when our world went into turmoil in 2020. It turned out that the package was mostly bought by customers who wanted to support others. We did find various ways to do so, mainly by using the funds to buy food for people in need at the Navajo reservation. Some people did buy a Nourish package for themselves or someone to whom they delivered it. 

Using what we have learned, we are making the following changes to the Nourish Package

  1. For those who want to support others, you can choose and amount in increments of $5 under the Nourish Others product. We keep track of these amounts and use them as we see fit according to the mission to help others. We will send you a summary of where the 2021 Nourish monies went within the month of January.
  2. For those who want the NP for themselves, you can either buy as many as you need, also in addition to buying items at regular price. The new NP price is $15. Please write in the notes section on the ordering page if you have any allergies or ingredients you don’t like and what items on the current menu you would prefer. We will choose items accordingly. The overall discount will be 15-25%, meaning for $15 you will receive food that is otherwise priced at around 18-20$, and at times even more when we have extra.

For a healthy beginning, we made a menu that features what we stand for: whole foods ingredients with lots of veggies, gluten-free desserts with nutritional value, satisfying soups, great variety in flavors, and a couple of new dishes too! We hope you will enjoy this week’s menu!

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