One thing I love about seasonal, local veggies is that they make beautiful salt only dishes. No other seasonings are needed!

A great example is the tomato pepper stew, called Letscho. At least that is how the Hungarian name was said in my childhood in Vienna. At the height of the summer, the various peppers and ripe tomatoes are so full of flavors. If you stew them for a while, of course with onions and garlic, these aromas blend together so magically. You really only need a bit of good sea salt and viola, a heavenly dish is made!

Or you can create a veggie stew with a mire poix base (the famous marriage of onions, celery and carrots that is the base of so many soups and stews) that is enriched with parsnip and celery root. Add some broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots and potatoes and a bit of sea salt – mmmm, yummy!

My friends, the veggies!