The Nourish Package and Special Programs…

We are aware that access to nutritious and tasty food like ours is not available to everyone, we wanted to come up with something that helps out, even if only on a very small scale. We’ve created the Nourish Package to respond to a need in the community for healthy, affordable cooked meals.

This is how it works: if you or someone you know cannot buy our dishes at regular price, you can choose the Nourish Package from our menu. It includes 4-5 regular size items put together from our current menu (possibly one of them might be a frozen soup from a previous menu). The price is $12 for the four, possibly five items, which is between 30% and 50% off the normal price depending on the items. You cannot select which items you get. Since we cook all our dishes in batches that reflect multiples of any given recipe, there is always extra food. We are currently giving this food to a small number of people who are in need of it. However, we wanted to be able to support more people and came up with this package. We trust that everyone will understand that our Nourish Package is for those who need it. We can designate a certain percentage of our sales to be offered at this special price and the number of packages is limited to that amount. We will try this for the next three weeks and see if everything works as we think. If so we will offer it until we resume our weekly Community Dinner.

We also have started a new program where we cook special vegan diets for individuals who have particular dietary needs. This program is its conception phase. We are accepting clients on a one by one basis. We can cook calorie-restricted diets, SOS diet, vegan low FODMAP – anything vegan. Here is a picture of dishes we made for someone who wanted vegetables only for an anti-inflammatory diet:

Special Diet Sample

If you know someone who would be interested please pass on Ingrid’s email: Thank you!

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