I am often confused.

Should I try to make a difference in the world or is it best to focus on my own inner peace and happiness because then these beautiful qualities will spread and that is the best contribution I can make?

Does it even make sense to figure out how to make a positive impact on the world which in its vastness and complexity is much more than I can ever understand?

How come that I was born in a place and time that allows me my daily hot shower, plenty of food, conveniences like effortless transportation, a washer and dryer, total access to information etc – while millions of people starve? What is the meaning of this condition?

You may have found answers to the ultimate questions of life, maybe in your religion, maybe in a daily practice of meditation, maybe you are too busy to consider them.

I find comfort with my friends the vegetables, the nuts, the beans and the millet.

There is such a indisputable goodness to them. Such gentle surrender, such beauty and total giving, such awesome simplicity.

It’s not just that I can be with them, they actually allow me to participate in the flow of life more fully, by enjoying their beauty, sharing their bounty and spreading their wisdom. They truly comfort me.